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Learn about your pet’s health from a trusted source, when it suits you, and in the comfort of your home.

Step 2: Become a partner in your pet’s care

Understand the prognosis and the range of treatment options and make good decisions for your pet.

Step 3: Create a better life for your pet

With the treatment they need and our tips for ongoing care at home, you can keep them healthier for longer.

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First for quality, first for trust

Written by vets

Our courses are all written by qualified vets here in the UK

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Contribute and benefit from our real-life pet owner experiences and tips.

Checked by advanced vets

Vets with advanced or specialist knowledge check all our courses for accuracy.


Designed to be interactive and accessible for all

Regularly updated

The veterinary world moves fast. Our courses are regularly updated.


Our courses are very detailed, but you can skip sections that don't interest you!

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About Us

At Petlearnia, we believe that understanding your pet is the key to good pet parenthood. The more you know, the more you understand your pet’s choices at the vet. Whether it’s an upcoming surgery, a lifelong health condition, or a list of tests you don’t understand, our learning will help you straighten everything out so you can partner with your vet to give your pet the very best care.

Our courses have been written by vets and checked by specialists. They’re carefully researched and regularly updated, so you know you can trust what you learn with us. The courses are highly detailed, self-paced, and interactive – if you aren’t interested in learning the anatomy behind your dog’s heart disease, or the way your cat’s medications work, just skip those sections.

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