Pet Medicines Database

Pet Medicines

Our pet medicines database contains medications commonly prescribed to pets, listed by their brand name (or their drug name, where there isn’t a pet-specific version). We have designed this section to be easy for pet owners like you to navigate, whether you’re a Petlearnia course user or not.

Simply search or use the alphabetic listing to find the medication you want information on.

How do I use the pet medicines database?

If you aren’t a course user, you can search this database for your pet’s medication to find out more about what they’ve been prescribed. You’ll find easy-to-understand information about the medicine as well as FAQs.

If you’re a course user, you can still search our database if there’s a medication you aren’t sure of. But inside a course, whenever a medication is mentioned, you can scroll over (or tap on) it to get a short ‘tooltip’ explanation. Then simply click for more information on the drug, including links to the datasheets for these medicines.

Who writes the medicines information?

All our medicines information is written by veterinary surgeons or Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs), and it is all then thoroughly checked by a vet. We use information from the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) and manufacturer datasheets as well as our own knowledge and experience to ensure this information is as useful as it can be!

What if my question isn’t answered in the database?

We’ve done our best to answer most common questions about these pet medicines. If your question isn’t answered, you can call the vet who prescribed the drug for more information. You can also submit a question using our contact form or through our social media channels, and we’ll update the listing with the answers.

Can I buy pet medicines here?

We don’t sell pet medicines through Petlearnia. Most pet medicines need a prescription, which you can get from a vet. You can then either buy the medicine from your vet’s pharmacy, or you can take the prescription to another pharmacy (include online pet pharmacies).

Why do pet medicines cost so much?

Pet medicines are expensive due to the safety and quality processes they have to go through in order to be allowed onto the market. Like in human medicine, a manufacturer then has an exclusive right to make that drug for a period of years. They tend to price the drug high at this point, as they have little competition and they want to recoup their costs. After this, other brands are allowed to copy the drug and costs tend to come down as competition starts. Find out more about why pet medicines are expensive.

In order to help you make decisions about your pet’s medication, some medicines will have a price range on their information page. This shows the approximate cost per day or per month of this medication. This information has been found through our own research and you may find prices vary, but we include it so you can budget for your pet’s ongoing care.

Unfortunately, there are laws about what vets are and aren’t allowed to prescribe, and in some cases they may not be allowed to prescribe the cheaper drug, but your vet can explain this to you.

If you want to read more about pet medicine pricing, see our blog article “Why are pet medicines so expensive?“.