Kidney Failure in Dogs

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Kidney Failure in Dogs: Our Vet-Written Course for Pet Parents of Dogs With Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common problem in older dogs, but it can cause a lot of worry for pet parents. This vet-written resource is here to guide you.

Ever wish someone would hold your hand and explain everything that’s wrong with your pet? Well, now they can. Our e-learning course is “like having a vet over to tea, and getting all the information we need”.

We cover:

  • What the kidneys are, and what they do
  • What happens when kidneys fail
  • Why certain symptoms happen
  • What medications, home modifications, and diets can help (and just as important – which ones are a waste of time!)
  • How to take care of your pet with kidney disease
  • What to expect as the disease progresses

As always, everything has been written by our vet team, is based on evidence, and has been checked by a vet with advanced qualifications in the area. In other words, it’s exactly what your vet would say about kidney failure in dogs, if they had all the time in the world to sit and say it!

For just £20, you can have access to this fantastic resource for the rest of your pet’s life. 

Get it now!

Course last updated: July 2024

Course written by: Dr Hannah Godfrey MRCVS

Course checked by: Dr Emma Rogers-Smith MRCVS


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