Urinary problems (FLUTD) in Cats


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Cat weeing everywhere? Or perhaps you’ve been to the vets and had an FLUTD diagnosis? Well, you’ve come to the right place! FLUTD is a common and complex condition, but it’s one that you – as a pet owner – can manage and help prevent in future.

For that reason, we have put together a comprehensive guide to cover everything that you need to know. This course is written by experienced veterinarians, providing you with information you can rely on when navigating your pet’s heart condition.

Why you need this course

We built this course to help you learn about your cat’s condition so you can help prevent it from happening again. FLUTD flare-ups are stressful and expensive, and there’s nothing worse than a cat weeing everywhere, so the things you can do at home are essential.

What You’ll Learn

Our course covers:

  • The anatomy of the feline urinary system
  • The conditions that come under the FLUTD umbrella
  • Diagnosing FLUTD, and its various treatments
  • Preventing FLUTD flare-ups, including weight management, stress relief and increasing urination

Course Benefits

  • Expertly Crafted Content: Authored by veterinary professionals, you get access to trustworthy and accurate information.
  • Practical Tips and Advice: Learn not just the theory but also practical ways to apply your knowledge.
  • Lifetime Access: Enrol once and gain access to the course for the rest of your cat’s life, including any updates.

Making informed decisions starts with the right information.

Enrol in “FLUTD in Cats” today

Your course was written by Dr Sarah-Jane Molier, Dr Joanna Woodnutt, and Dr Emma Gatehouse, and checked by Dr Sarah Elliott.  


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