Thyronorm is a brand name of a drug called thiamazole, which helps to decrease thyroid hormone levels in cats with hyperthyroidism by interfering with enzymes that produce the hormone.


Vetoryl is a brand name of the drug trilostane. Vetoryl is prescribed to dogs with Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism). Vetoryl works by reducing excess production of cortisol (a hormone) in dogs with Cushing’s disease.


Amodip is a drug with the active ingredient amlodipine. It is usually prescribed to cats with high blood pressure (hypertension).


Benazecare is a brand name for the drug benazepril. Vets often prescribe benazepril for heart failure and/or high blood pressure in dogs. Benazepril also reduces urinary protein levels in dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD).


Tralieve contains an opioid called tramadol, which is used to treat moderate to severe pain in dogs. Your vet may recommend this if your pet has just had an operation, or has osteoarthritis or pain associated with cancer.


Bravecto is a brand name of the drug fluralaner. It kills ticks, fleas, and mites for 12 weeks from a single dose.


Inflacam is a non-stroidal anti-inflammatory drug commonly used for pain relief in dogs and cats.


Gabapentin is usually prescribed together with other medications to manage long-term (chronic) pain and seizures in cats and dogs. It is also prescribed for cats and dogs with anxiety.


Rheumocam is an anti-inflammatory and pain relief drug commonly given to patients after surgery or with painful conditions. The active ingredient in Rheumocam is meloxicam, an NSAID.


Imidaflea spot-on is an over-the-counter spot-on flea treatment containing the active ingredient imidacloprid.