Two New Pet Owner Education Courses Launched This Week!

We’re proud to share that our team have been working flat-out to get more courses ready and we’re now able to announce that we launched two new courses this week! These two join our first five courses in a wave of new pet owner education pieces that change the way you’ll see your furry family member forever.

“Mitral Valve Disease in Dogs” takes pet owners through this life-limiting diagnosis, including best practice for care and treatment at home.

“Dental Disease in Cats” has also gone live this week. In this course, cat parents can find out more about the types of dental problems that commonly affect cats, what the treatment options are, and how to look after a cat’s teeth at home.

Found Dr Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS said “This is so exciting and a bit move for Petlearnia. Both courses are set to change the way that pet parents learn about their furry family members and their medical needs, heralding a new wave of informed pet owners who understand how best to care for their pets.”

Why should I take a Petlearnia course?

As a pet parent, part of your role is to advocate for your pet. That means being able to discuss their treatment and management with your vet to find the best solution for your pet – after all, you know them better than anyone. Taking a Petlearnia course means you can be fully informed about the options, risks, and benefits, which makes your job (and your vet’s!) a lot easier.

Pet owner education – done right

At Petlearnia we’re passionate about making sure you understand your pet’s options when it comes to their health. Unlike other resources online, our courses are always:

  • Written by qualified vets
  • Checked by vets with advanced certificates
  • Instantly available
  • Engaging and self-paced
  • Independent and unsponsored
  • Evidence-based
  • Regularly updated

Try our courses today

To see the new courses, or any of our others, head over to our courses page. And if you don’t see the course you want, feel free to send us a message to request it!